Be You.

At Brattle, we’re committed to promoting equity and inclusion across all identities and experiences. We strive to develop a culture where each colleague feels a profound sense of safety, pride, inclusion, and belonging. This commitment drives our recruiting, professional development, and leadership initiatives, helping us to build an environment that generates creative ideas, holds esteem for others’ opinions, and leads to high-quality work and fulfilling careers. It enables everyone to bring their full, authentic selves to work – empowering you to Be You.

While we’re early in our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) journey, we aren’t satisfied with our own or our industry’s status quo. We’re committed to proactively driving change in our own organization and pushing our larger communities to transform on a broader scale.

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Our Commitment to Equity and Justice

Brattle unequivocally rejects racism and discrimination – in all forms, and across all geographies.

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Our DEI Council

Our DEI Council includes 30+ active thought leaders from all levels across Brattle’s global offices, who advise and recommend actions to the broader firm. It’s a key forum for colleagues to voice ideas, raise concerns, encourage accountability, and make actionable and measurable progress on DEI-related matters. The DEI Council collaborates with the firm’s DEI Steering Committee, along with the relevant Professional Services teams, to determine and implement Brattle’s DEI strategy and related initiatives.

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