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Research Analyst

Discover many paths to the next step in your career.

You likely have many options before you, but your challenge now is to make a career choice that sets you on a path to be able to achieve your future goals. We provide our Research Analysts with the skills and experience to not just survive, but thrive, in today’s competitive marketplace.


Research Analysts at Brattle are critical members of project teams and work directly with experts in a collaborative and collegial atmosphere. As an RA, you will build your knowledge and skills through both hands-on and formal training and apply what you’ve learned in school to help clients solve complex problems.

You will create robust economic and financial models, formulate compelling written deliverables, and conceptualize project work. You may co-author a publication or be part of a presentation to clients or other audiences. Some RAs focus on developing expertise in a particular industry area, while others seek exposure to as many types of projects as possible.

At Brattle you will find diverse, intellectually challenging project experiences, and hone your skills to achieve professional success. Discovering where your interests lie will prepare you for the next step in your journey, whether it’s an academic pursuit at a top-ranked school or another professional position.

What we look for

We are looking for RA candidates who are excited about the prospect of working in a dynamic, team-oriented environment where you’re able to apply what you’ve learned to solve interesting problems in unique ways. Our consultants are curious and eager to learn. They enjoy brainstorming and finding creative solutions to complex problems - and they don’t rest until they succeed.

Successful RAs have a strong quantitative background and have completed comprehensive coursework in economics, mathematics, engineering, operations research, computer science, or statistics. The most successful applicants possess the ability to comfortably interact with other team members and with clients. The ideal candidate is intellectually curious, dedicated to going that extra mile to ensure the highest quality of work, flexible, energized by the dynamic nature of consulting, and fun and interesting to be around.

If you are interested in joining our team, please check our Current Openings.

Meet Our Analysts

At Brattle, every day is different. Our work environment allows individuals to drive their professional development, while making a direct impact on their projects. Check out the profiles of some of our current Research Analysts.

"Within my first month, I was given the opportunity to speak on a one-on-one basis with a client."

Anna Blatz, MIT, Class of '15

Before Brattle

I studied Mathematics and Management Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). My economics and computer science classes fascinated me as well. Outside of the classroom, I gathered and analyzed data to better comprehend language development patterns of children with autism. I was also a member of the Asian American Association, served as Publicity Chair for a student volunteer organization that planned events for youth with learning and developmental disabilities, and was an active member of the Panhellenic Community. Along with planning events for my own sorority, I was a member of the Panhellenic Executive Board, where I selected and trained Panhellenic Recruitment Counselors to help women go through the recruitment process and choose the sorority that was right for them.

At Brattle

My Experience as an Intern

I first joined Brattle as an RA Intern during the summer before my senior year of college. The months I spent interning at Brattle were some of the best of my life. I knew that I had found the perfect niche. Early on during the interview process, I talked to a principal and an associate about their work with analyzing nutritional data. The study focused on the correlation between the change in nutritional patterns and the obesity epidemic. On the first day of my internship, I asked to be put on the project. Ever since, I have been completely captivated by this pursuit. One of the highlights of my senior year at MIT was when I saw my name in the “Special Thanks” section of a paper published by Brattle.

Additionally, as an intern I participated in the development of a complex model while working on a litigation case analyzing the financial crisis. I worked with a large team and appreciated the supportive environment. Every one of my teammates, from intern to principal, contributed to my learning experience. My direct supervisor served as both a mentor and teammate. He made sure that I was always challenged and stimulated by the work. After receiving my full-time RA offer, I did not hesitate to accept. I loved my teams, I loved the work, and I loved the entire culture of Brattle.

My Experience as a Research Analyst

As an RA, I have had the opportunity to work on transfer pricing, bankruptcy, tax evasion, big data, branding, and mortgage cases. I have also worked with various types of clients, from the government, to Fortune 500 companies, to extremely big names in the financial industry. Within my first month, I was given the opportunity to speak on a one-on-one basis with a client. My role allows me to work on all aspects of a case. One day I may be performing data analysis in R, the next day I am identifying key documents and directly conversing with the client about my analysis. Some of my favorite projects that I have been a part of are the non-client projects. I have analyzed data to publish papers, developed an app for a data manipulation competition, and joined a team to create an internal Brattle document review program.

One unique aspect of Brattle is that the employees are also completely approachable. I always feel comfortable asking questions and making jokes. My favorite part of working on teams is that often, I am working directly with just one other associate and principal. I never feel as if I am “working for” my teammates.

My coworkers and I also frequently spend time together outside of work. We get huge groups together for all types of activities. We have ventured to exotic restaurants, watched the World Cup at a sports bar, and spent time together on the local rooftop bar. One of the highlights of the Brattle experience is that associates and principals join in on the fun as well.

After Brattle

As of now, I hope to go back to school for an MBA or Master’s in Operations Research to further my knowledge in economic consulting. Though I am not completely sure which path I want to follow, I am confident that my coworkers at Brattle will help me figure out the right course over the next few years. My coworkers are constantly offering kind and helpful advice on programs, different schools, and alternative career paths. It is comforting to know that my coworkers will be there for me to help make these tough decisions. Whether I am getting advice on the best GRE classes or the subtle differences between the Harvard and Stanford MBA programs, I feel comforted knowing that I can go to accomplished and forthright coworkers for advice.

"Brattle will give me valuable technical and management experience that will help me with my graduate school pursuits."

Ayebea Darko, Hamilton, Class of '13

Before Brattle

I went to Hamilton College, where I majored in economics with minors in mathematics and French. Besides my economics coursework, I was also a grader for the math and economics departments at Hamilton. I was also a member of the International Student Association, which planned campus-wide events, as well as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.

When I started my job search, I knew nothing about economic consulting. I happened upon the industry while doing research and decided to reach out to an RA at Brattle to learn more about the work. I walked away from that conversation realizing that I wanted to go into economic consulting and that Brattle was definitely a firm I wanted to apply to.

All of the people I met with during the interview process made me feel comfortable and asked me questions about my career goals. It was this experience that convinced me that besides being a leader in the industry, Brattle is a firm full of genuine and highly intelligent economists.

At Brattle

I have worked on several cases since starting at Brattle ranging from tax disputes to valuation to cost of capital. The tax cases have been especially interesting to me because they sometimes involve piecing together details, almost like putting together a puzzle. The wide range of case work available for RAs and the freedom to work on the types of cases that we find interesting are some of the best aspects of working at Brattle. There is also a lot of focus on RA development of technical and client relationship skills. I have been surprised by the amount of responsibility we are given as RAs - we are able to interact with clients and can be responsible for building models that are essential to the case.

Besides my case work, I am part of Brattle's social committee, and have helped plan a few company parties. A group of us RAs also put together a skit for the entire Cambridge office at our annual holiday party.

After Brattle

I came to Brattle knowing that I wanted to do something in economic development, without knowing what or how to get there. So far, my interactions with Brattle professionals have helped me realize that I would like to go back to school for an MPP, an MBA, or both! Brattle will give me valuable technical and management experience that will help me with my graduate school pursuits.

"An interesting aspect of my work is the opportunity to communicate directly with the clients we're assisting."

Denisa Mackova, Centre for Economic and Monetary Studies (Madrid), Class of '13

Before Brattle

After attending a bilingual Slovak-Spanish high school in Slovakia, I received a scholarship to study at the University of Valencia in Spain (Universidad de Valencia). I obtained my degree in Business Administration and Management. Upon graduating, I completed my post-graduate studies in Economics and Finance at the Centre for Economic and Monetary Studies (CEMFI) in Madrid.

I was interested in working for a company where I could apply the expertise I gained in industrial economics and finance while attending CEMFI. The Brattle Group seemed to be a good fit. I was drawn to Brattle because of their international environment and the wide range of projects from various industries and countries around the world. I liked that Brattle gives their employees a possibility of professional growth, and it was very inspiring to see that the consulting staff held advanced degrees from some of the best universities.

At Brattle

As an RA, I work mostly on projects concerning renewable energy. I participate in all stages of the project, from preparing the information request to the clients, preliminary estimation of damages, to analysis and preparation of exhibits and documents for each case. I also help in the final estimation of damages. An interesting aspect of my work is the opportunity to communicate directly with the clients we’re assisting.

The best part about working at Brattle is the opportunity to participate on projects from a range of industries, and the use of the state-of-the-art methodologies in the analysis is a fantastic learning experience. I am also constantly surprised by how friendly and collaborative the environment at Brattle is. This attribute is not something you usually see at other companies.

After Brattle

I plan to continue learning and improving my skills at Brattle in order to grow professionally at the firm.

"The best part about working at Brattle is the access RAs have to associates and principals."

Will Gorman, U Texas at Austin, Class of '14

Before Brattle

I studied chemical engineering and Plan II Honors at the University of Texas at Austin. Plan II is an interdisciplinary liberal arts major at UT and consisted of classes ranging from philosophy to world literature. The combination of engineering and liberal arts coursework helped me satiate my intellectual curiosity inside the classroom where I could go from a class on the mathematical optimization of a chemical reactor to a class discussing the importance of environmental sustainability from a human perspective. Outside of the classroom, I was involved in music performance; I played the bassoon in UT’s University Orchestra.

After pursuing research in energy efficiency and energy policy in college, I knew I wanted to work in the energy sector. Brattle's distinguished reputation of providing high quality, quantitative consulting services for leading energy organizations led me to apply for the research analyst position. Furthermore, many distinguished professors at UT told me that Brattle was one of the best places to work after graduation if I had interest in making a real impact in the energy sector.

While the energy work drew me in, the people I met with convinced me to accept Brattle's offer and join the team. After interviewing, it became clear that the people at Brattle were leading experts in their fields and incredibly brilliant. But even more importantly, though, was that everyone I met was open to teaching and sharing their knowledge. I knew that this type of workplace atmosphere would be invaluable for a recent graduate desiring a mentally-engaging environment post-graduation.

At Brattle

Since joining Brattle, I have had the opportunity to work on several projects related to different aspects of the energy industry. From supporting an electric system operator redesign their electric market structure to calculating the costs and benefits of utility-scale solar installations, I have gained a wide variety of experience analyzing cutting-edge topics like renewable energy procurement and distributed energy resource integration. Furthermore, the diversity of my responsibilities in each of these projects has been invaluable, and I am consistently learning new concepts every day.

The best part about working at Brattle, though, is the access RAs have to associates and principals. As RAs, we are expected to assume a significant amount of responsibility on each project, which is both exciting but sometimes overwhelming. However, the principals and associates at Brattle have an open door policy and are extremely responsive to helping RAs understand the analysis we need to perform. This access and openness empowers RAs to take ownership of our project tasks and provide critical insight to the project team early on.

While I knew Brattle would maintain an excellent professional environment, I didn’t realize how social the RA group would be. Brattle has a lively social committee with activities planned throughout the year. For example, we hosted a company talent show/happy hour party the summer I joined Brattle – I never thought that I would be participating as a bassoonist in a talent show at my place of work. It was a lot of fun!

After Brattle

Currently, I hope to attend a graduate program in engineering and public policy, hopefully specializing in energy and environmental issues. I have realized that energy issues require specialized and in-depth knowledge, and I want gain a deeper understanding of these problems in order to help our energy and policy leaders make the best decisions they can. The work I am doing at Brattle directly relates to my ambitions as I am developing quantitative and analytical skills that top programs require of their Master’s/Ph.D. candidates. Brattle’s open and collegial environment has proven to be invaluable as I continue to improve these skills and gain a foundational knowledge base in the energy industry. For these reasons, working at Brattle will most definitely help me not only achieve my future goals, but also cultivate the specific topics in the expansive energy and environmental field that inspire me the most.