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A History of Excellence

Throughout its history, the firm has remained privately held, and the founders’ original goals have remained the firm’s goals: To serve clients with thoughtful and analytically rigorous work in an atmosphere that values excellence, teamwork, and dedication.

As we reflect on our firm’s beginnings, and look ahead to the future, we are grateful to Brattle’s founders, who envisioned – and built – a firm that emphasized the highest quality of work and respect for colleagues; to the hundreds of employees who have helped sustain that vision and make Brattle such a special place to work; and to our clients, who have presented us with unique and complex challenges, trusted in our expertise and guidance, and helped our firm to grow.

The Founders

Paul Ammann
Paul Carpenter
Frank Graves
Gayle Koch
A. Lawrence Kolbe
Stewart Myers
Matthew O’Loughlin
James Read, Jr
Gerald Taylor
William Tye
Kenneth Wise

Look around and you’re sure to notice that Brattle is unique in many ways. From the interesting people to the challenging work, it’s a combination of factors that contribute to a thriving culture that reflects our passion for what we do.

Because we are privately held, we’re able to set our own objectives, take a long view, and focus on doing the best possible job for our clients while creating the best possible environment for all of us to spend our days. We have a small-firm atmosphere with a flat organizational structure, where everyone knows each other by name and analysts work side-by-side with world-renowned economists. Yet, we’re large enough to have a global reputation and to attract the best and most interesting cases.

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