Dr. Wickelgren is the Bernard J. Ward Centennial Professor at the University of Texas Law School.

Prior to coming to Texas, he was an assistant professor at Northwestern University Law School, a visiting professor at Duke University Law School, and a visiting lecturer in the economics department at Texas. Before joining academia, Dr. Wickelgren was a staff economist at the US Federal Trade Commission for five years.

Dr. Wickelgren has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed economics and law and economics journals. He is the coeditor of the American Law and Economics Review, and has been an associate editor at The Journal of Industrial Economics, the International Review of Law and Economics, and a member of the board of directors of the American Law and Economics Association. His research focuses on economic analysis of antitrust, contracts, settlement of legal disputes and bargaining. Dr. Wickelgren has provided consulting services on a variety of antitrust cases including the Apple e-books litigation.


Harvard University, JD, magna cum laude; PhD in Economics; and AB, cum laude, in Applied Mathematics/Economics