Mr. Akarsh Sheilendranath has over 10 years of experience spanning electric transmission planning, generation asset valuation, electricity market modeling, and strategic planning, as well as regulatory finance and cost of capital cases for utility clients.

Mr. Sheilendranath combines both engineering and business backgrounds, and has extensive knowledge in large scale renewable resource integration and grid reliability planning. Prior to joining The Brattle Group, he gained leading key strategic initiatives at ISO New England and Eversource Energy. He previously represented ISO New England in the Department of Energy (DOE)-funded national planning coordination process, and has also presented ISO New England’s strategic planning analyses and initiatives at advisory committees.

At The Brattle Group, he assists a wide range of clients throughout the US in regulatory finance, business strategy, and all matters related to electric transmission, economic planning, and asset valuation. His recent engagements include assisting clients in valuing large-scale wind generation developments in major ISO/RTO regions, conducting transmission cost-benefit analyses for RTOs, assisting PUCs in evaluation of competitive transmission proposals, and managing cost of capital and other regulatory finance-related cases for Brattle experts.


New York University Stern School of Business, MBA

Michigan Technological University, MS in Electrical Engineering

Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Bachelors in Instrumentation Engineering


May 2021

Direct testimony on behalf of Rockland Electric Company concerning the cost of capital, at the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, May 2021.

May 2021

Direct testimony on behalf of California Water Service Company concerning the cost of capital, Application No. 21-05, at the California PUC, May 2021.

Sep 2020 and Oct 2020

Direct affidavit and reply affidavit (with Michael Vilbert) on behalf of Constellation Mystic Power, LLC, Docket No. ER18-1639-000, on the cost of capital for the Mystic reliability must run generating using the revised FERC ROE estimation methodology, Sep 2020 and Oct 2020.

March 2020

Direct and rebuttal testimony (with Michael Vilbert) on behalf of Corn Belt Power Cooperative, Docket No. ER15-2028-002, on the cost of capital for the Cooperative using the revised FERC ROE estimation methodology and related ROE policy, March 2020.