Mr. Thapa has over 12 years of experience applying economic and finance principles in complex oil and gas-related litigation, arbitration, and regulatory proceedings.

His experience in commercial disputes includes damages estimation, valuation, and pricing related to energy assets and contracts. He has evaluated the pricing and damages arising from disputes involving natural gas storage facilities; long-term purchase and sale agreements for natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG); contracts related to oil and natural gas gathering, processing, transportation, and storage; and power purchase agreements. Mr. Thapa builds complex discounted cash flow models and applies appropriate discount rates to estimate damages in these proceedings. He has also advised clients on valuation and contract rejection issues in oil and gas-related bankruptcies.

Mr. Thapa also has expertise in the regulatory economics of the midstream oil and gas sector, which includes analyzing the rates charged by natural gas and oil pipelines, the business risks faced by natural gas pipelines, the economic justification for proposed natural gas pipelines and LNG storage facilities, pipeline access issues, and evaluating competition and market manipulation in natural gas markets.

Among his notable engagements, Mr. Thapa has testified before the Maine Public Utilities Commission, submitted written testimony to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), and coauthored a report on understanding natural gas markets for the American Petroleum Institute (API).


MIT Sloan School of Management

DePauw University
BA in Mathematics and Computer Science (magna cum laude)


March 30, 2012

Matthew O'Loughlin, Frank Graves, Anul Thapa, Metin Celebi

Before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Docket No. AD12-12-000, Filed Comments re: Coordination between Natural Gas and Electricity Markets