Dr. Kai Van Horn leverages electricity system modeling, analysis, and visualization to illuminate and navigate the opportunities and challenges presented by the energy transition.

He has worked with market participants, market operators, utilities, and an array of other stakeholders on a diverse range of matters. He has experience with energy and capacity market design, transmission and generation planning, the modeling and analysis of financial transmission rights, carbon pricing issues, on- and offshore renewables integration, and transmission benefits analysis.

Dr. Van Horn has nearly a decade of experience analyzing wholesale market designs, planning, and operations via the development of large-scale power system models in commercially available software packages, as well as custom-built simulation and analysis platforms. He has led numerous teams in the deployment of such models and worked with clients to develop new modeling approaches that meet the evolving needs of the energy transition.


University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
PhD and MS in Electrical Engineering (power systems focus)

Purdue University
BS in Multidisciplinary Engineering