Dr. Seth has extensive experience in the areas of intellectual property and economic policy.

She has assisted counsel for leading technology companies – including Intel, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Macronix, LG, and Garmin – trade associations; and government agencies.

Dr. Seth is a testifying expert in Section 337 investigations at the ITC. Most recently, she assisted counsel for complainant, Electrolux, in Water Filters (337-TA-1126); and counsel for complainant, Varidesk, in Height Adjustable Desk-Platforms (337-TA-1125) testifying on economic domestic industry. She has assisted counsel in numerous high-profile cases, including Solid State Storage Devices (337-TA-1097) where she assisted counsel for complainant, BiTMICRO, to evaluate economic domestic industry; Multimedia Display (337-TA-694) where she assisted counsel for respondent, Garmin, to evaluate the economic prong of the domestic industry, and Microprocessors (337-TA-781) where she assisted Nobel Prize Winner Professor Joseph Stiglitz in evaluating the impact of an exclusion order on public interest.

Dr. Seth has significant experience in evaluating economic injury from misappropriation of trade secrets. In Crawler Cranes (337-TA-887), she assisted counsel for Complainant Manitowoc in evaluating the extent to which misappropriation of trade secrets by the Respondent had caused injury to the domestic industry. The ALJ granted a motion for summary determination that found that Manitowoc had shown that actions by the Respondent had injured or threatened to injure the domestic crawler crane industry. Most recently she assisted Counsel for Complainant, Jawbone, in Activity Tracking Devices (337-TA-963) in evaluating economic injury from misappropriation of trade secrets.

Dr. Seth has also prepared testimony and led case teams in intellectual property matters in US district courts, including the assessment of commercial success and the calculation of damages associated with patent infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets. In the context of IP cases, she has assisted counsel for leading medical device, commercial machinery, technology and telecommunications, and heavy-equipment manufacturers.

In addition to her expertise in Section 337 and intellectual property matters, Dr. Seth is experienced in applying the tools of economic analysis to policy questions and has performed numerous policy analyses across various industries. She recently assisted the Office of the Governor of Massachusetts in evaluating the proposed plan for hosting the Olympic Games and the economic impacts of hosting the Games on the Commonwealth.

Dr. Seth has assisted leading companies in over thirty Section 337 investigations. She is the Chair of the ABA-IPL ITC Committee and a frequent speaker at CLE events.


Boston College, PhD in Economics

Mount Holyoke College, BA in Economics and Mathematics