The 2024 Olympic Games are set to kick off in Paris on July 26. However, if an early 2015 proposal had gone through, the games would have been set to take place in Boston instead. The US Olympic and Paralympic Committee backed the city’s proposal to host the 2024 Games, though the city and the Committee ultimately scrapped the plans in the summer of 2015.

That year, Brattle prepared a report providing an independent analysis of the potential economic impacts of Boston’s proposed bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. Principal Dr. Pallavi Seth, one of the report’s coauthors, was interviewed for a recent Marketplace Morning Report show segment and a corresponding article exploring whether the city dodged a bullet or missed an opportunity. Discussing the economic impact of the Games being held in Boston, Dr. Seth noted, “There was a significant risk of cost overrun, which hadn’t been built into the plan. The risk was actually going to fall pretty much significantly on the state and local governments.”

The Marketplace Morning Report article, “The ’24 Olympics could have been in Boston. Did the city miss an opportunity or dodge a bullet?,” is available below.

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