Brattle Senior Associate John Tsoukalis will speak at Infocast’s 5th Annual Southeast Renewable Energy Conference, which will take place virtually on November 17–19.

Mr. Tsoukalis will speak during the “Understanding Wholesale Power Market Designs and Their Benefits” session on Thursday, November 19, from 12:30–12:50 p.m. (ET). He will explore how the implementation of different market structures will affect the potential benefits to the Southeast and provide background for the panel discussion to follow.

Mr. Tsoukalis will also moderate the “Will the Southeast Have an ISO in Its Future?” session on Thursday, November 19, from 1:00–1:45 p.m. (ET). The panelists will provide insight into the proposed Southeast Energy Exchange market, which would be the first competitive wholesale market to launch in the region, and weigh the rationale of such a market in an environment of widespread renewables.

Brattle is a proud sponsor of the Southeast Renewable Energy Conference. For more information or to register, please visit Infocast’s website.