The Brattle Group has unparalleled experience analyzing and designing wholesale electricity markets. We support clients around the globe with their most challenging market design issues.

Our clients include system operators, regulators, policymakers, and market participants. In North America, we have played a role in nearly all major market design initiatives over the past several years. Internationally, we support clients throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Much of our recent work focuses on new market design challenges posed by growth in renewable generation and carbon reduction goals. We design market-based ways to achieve clean energy goals. We work with ISOs to better enable both capacity markets and energy-only markets to support resource adequacy and operational reliability in traditional and low-carbon systems. We also assist clients in efforts to enhance the flexibility of the system through improved design of energy and ancillary service markets, through geographic expansion of regional transmission organizations and coordination with neighbors, through more effective utilization of flexible resources such as energy storage, and through improved integration of demand response and distributed generation.

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