Last week the record for Starr International Co. Inc. et al. v. U.S. closed after 37 days of trial. This epic case involves the shareholders of American International Group Inc. (AIG) claiming compensation of nearly $50 billion for the U.S. Government’s taking and/or illegally exacting 79.9 percent of shareholders’ equity at the peak of the financial crisis the day after Lehman failed. The team supported the testimony of Brattle principal Michael Cragg who testified over the course of five days. His testimony was reported in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, The New York Times, Law360, and other media outlets. For nearly a year, the Brattle team led by Paul Hinton, has worked with the trial team from Boies Schiller and Skadden. A decision is expected in mid-2015 after exchange of papers in 75 days’ time.

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