The Brattle Group advises transport companies and operators, international governments, and regulatory agencies on restructuring, regulatory reform, public policy, and strategy.

We provide economic analysis and expert testimony in major litigation matters in the aerospace, aviation, auto, railroad, postal, and shipping industries.

Our staff includes professionals with backgrounds in economics, applied econometrics, financial analysis, public policy assessment, and market research. They have published widely on subjects ranging from demand forecasting techniques to finance and marketing, and have presented papers at international transportation conferences in the US, Europe, and Australia.

Areas of Expertise

  • Modeling and Forecasting

    The Brattle Group has experience in transport demand modeling and forecasting and have advised in all aspects related to theory, data analysis, estimation, and application. Our economic experts understand the dynamic fundamentals that drive travel patterns for nearly every transport mode over various geographic scales.

  • Pricing

    Effective pricing strategy is critical to the bottom line, especially in the transportation industry, where prices can vary by distance traveled, corridor time of day, day of the week, commodity, level of service, speed, reliability, and a host of other factors. We provide an array of sophisticated tools for analyzing the complex transportation marketplace and for crafting pricing strategies that support short- and long-term business objectives. We offer clients in-depth economic consulting skills and extensive hands-on experience in cost analysis, demand modeling, price elasticity measurement, market assessment, competitive analysis, and incentive price schedule design.

  • Privatization

    Through experience in dealing with problems of public policy, regulation and deregulation, market design, and market failure, we understand the strengths and weaknesses of public and private service provisions. Our economic consultants assist government and quasi-government entities through the transition to private ownership and operation. We design intermediate organizational forms combining public ownership and/or oversight with the efficiency and customer responsiveness of the private sector. We also devise regulatory structures that provide oversight of newly privatized entities operating in new markets.

  • Project Finance & Development

    We assist in the development, review, and assessment of revenue forecasts and the evaluation of competitive and regulatory risks. Members of The Brattle Group help clients design regulatory, governance, and oversight structures and determine the appropriate apportionment of project risk. We also develop effective financing strategies.

  • Public Policy

    The Brattle Group specializes in economic analysis of controversial and complex public policy issues. We develop white papers, reports, and expert testimony that inform and influence the policy debate by making the underlying economic issues clear and compelling to non-economists. These studies typically combine the use of sophisticated quantitative methods with qualitative analysis of institutions and the policy environment. We disseminate the results of our policy analysis through publications and appearances in public policy forums.

  • Regulation

    The Brattle Group’s internationally recognized economic experts advise governments and regulators on the structure and economics of reforms in transportation industries including airports, national airlines, railroads, and pipelines. We provide market development forecasts, planning tools, and policy frameworks to assist in the complex task of restructuring these markets. In addition, we offer expert economic and regulatory consulting to companies operating under existing regulatory regimes.

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