A recent Brattle study on the national potential for load flexibility was featured in Smart Electric Power Alliance’s (SEPA’s) 2019 Utility Demand Response Market Snapshot. The snapshot is the result of SEPA’s 2019 Utility Survey, which represents 64% of U.S. customer accounts and seeks to provide deeper insight into utility demand response (DR) programs throughout the U.S.

The Brattle study featured in the snapshot, The National Potential for Load Flexibility: Value and Market Potential Through 2030, found that cost-effective load flexibility could be worth more than $15 billion annually in avoided system costs. This load flexibility potential would more than triple the existing DR capability in the U.S. and would equate to 20% of the estimated U.S. peak load in 2030. The study is authored by Brattle Principals Ryan Hledik and Ahmad Faruqui, Senior Research Analyst Tony Lee, and Research Analyst John Higham.

The entire 2019 Utility Demand Response Market Snapshot can be found below.

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