The Brattle Group assists electric utilities, deregulated power producers, customers, regulators, and policymakers with planning, ratemaking and litigation support, and with developing (or responding to) new market designs and regulatory frameworks.

Our experience includes international electricity markets that illuminate alternative approaches to similar problems.

We assist electricity market participants in business strategy and understanding and preparing for changes in regulatory policy, and offer a range of operational and financial tools, as well as large-scale system costing and planning models for simulation and forecasting market structure and conduct. Our experts have testified before federal and state regulatory agencies, courts, and arbitration panels worldwide on some of the most high-profile industry matters.

  • Wholesale Generation, Transmission, and Market Design

    Brattle brings bring a breadth of experience to every type of high-stakes decision that hinges on wholesale markets, including RTO formation, market design, resource planning, transmission benefit-cost analysis, generation asset valuation, environmental compliance planning, contract disputes, and designing and managing auctions for buying and selling wholesale power and transmission rights. We analyze and simulate wholesale markets on timeframes from minutes to decades, using a variety of commercially-available and in-house models. We support clients in every organized wholesale market area within North America, both as consultants and testifying experts in federal and state regulatory proceedings and courts.

    Our perspective enables us to provide insight that supports robust decisions. We design analyses that are complex enough to handle all the important details and determine what matters, without being more complex than necessary. We know how to iteratively frame an analysis and apply appropriate tools to produce insights quickly, determine what aspects warrant additional focus, then surgically evaluate details as necessary. We repeatedly demonstrate a high level of thoughtfulness and quality when analyzing the details that matter, in ensuring that the results make sense, and in providing insights into robustness and risks. We communicate our insights in a way that is intuitive, useful, and credible to policymakers, executives, lawyers, bankers, and stakeholders.

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