CNBC’s “Transmission Troubles” series provides an inside look at why the US’s aging electrical grid is unprepared to meet the anticipated demand for clean energy sources for wind and solar, presenting a major barrier to accomplishing clean energy goals if it is not improved.

More than 70% of the US electricity grid is more than 25 years old, which creates vulnerability for power outages during major weather events, according to the US Department of Energy. The third article in CNBC’s transmission series, “Why America’s outdated energy grid is a climate problem,” cites a 2021 Brattle presentation finding that replacing transmission infrastructure that is reaching its age limit – which is between 50 and 80 years – is costing the US an estimated $10 billion a year.

The Brattle presentation, Transmission Investment Needs and Challenges, was authored by Principals Johannes Pfeifenberger and John Tsoukalis.

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