Utility Dive has published an article, “An Emerging Push for Time-of-Use Rates Sparks New Debates about Customer and Grid Impacts,” featuring Brattle research on the national landscape of residential TOU rates and insight from Brattle Principal Ahmad Faruqui.

Support for new rate designs that are focused on controlling consumer costs as well as meeting the needs of the system has been slowly gaining support. One particular rate design, the “residential time-of-use (TOU)” rate design, would allow for the price of energy (kWhs) to shift with demand. This would cost residential customers more during peak demand times and less at times of lower demand. Brattle Principal Ahmad Faruqui noted, “‘Consumers who use the same kWhs during off-peak times pay the same bill and are subsidizing the others. TOU rates can redress that inequity.’”

The referenced research by The Brattle Group can be found here, and the full article can be found on the Utility Dive website here.

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