The Columbia University Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD), founded over two decades ago by Nobel Laureate Dr. Joseph Stiglitz, recently published a new working paper co-authored by Brattle Senior Associates Dr. Patrick Holder and Dr. Haris Tabakovic. In this paper, Drs. Holder and Tabakovic, together with their co-authors, provide a transparent methodology to calculate fair payments owed to news publishers by Meta and Google for the use of news content on their platforms.

Although platforms such as Google and Meta have licensing agreements and partnerships with several news publishers in various countries, the payment amounts and methodologies for calculating such payments – which are often covered by non-disclosure agreements – are not widely known. The working paper presents its findings for US media, estimating what the authors believe would be a fair payment from Google and Facebook to news outlets for using their news content.

The full working paper, “Paying for News: What Google and Meta Owe US Publishers,” is available below.

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