Brattle Principal Mark Berkman recently co-authored an article published in Volume 28, Issue 2, of the Environmental Claims Journal titled “Produced Water—Emerging Challenges, Risks, and Opportunities.” The article explores the advantages of viewing produced water, a byproduct of oil and gas exploration and production, as an environmental asset.

In the article, Dr. Berkman and his co-authors offer support for the notion that produced water should be considered part of the water resource solution instead of a byproduct that contributes to environmental problems. They illustrate this point by highlighting the fact that the treatment and reuse of produced water can reduce the stress on fresh water resources, especially in arid regions of the United States.

The authors acknowledge, though, that there are several challenges and constraints associated with produced water. They underscore the costs, pricing, practices, and constituents of potential concern in produced water, as well as the environmental issues, risks, liabilities, and regulatory policies related to the reuse of the product. There is also the public’s fear of chemicals in the water supply that must be allayed in determining whether produced water will be welcomed as a water resource solution.

The article, “Produced Water—Emerging Challenges, Risks, and Opportunities,” is available for download below.

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Produced Water—Emerging Challenges, Risks, and Opportunities