We have been engaged by Golden Spread Electric Cooperative, Inc. (GSEC) to contribute comments and analyses to the on-going stakeholder process in SPP regarding the design and implementation of ramp products. Ramp products are anticipated to help with cost-effectively incorporating the increasing amount of intermittent renewable generation in the SPP footprint by helping to create transparent price formation and clear price signals to market participants.

On May 11, 2018, SPP released a draft “Ramp Product” report, which documents and quantifies some of these challenges and proposes the introduction of market-based ramp products as the preferred solution to these challenges. SPP’s analysis and conclusions are consistent with the analysis and recommendations of SPP’s Market Monitoring Unit (MMU) as presented in Chapter 3.3.1 (“Ramp Capability Product”) of the 2017 SPP State of Market (SOM) report.

As part of our effort, we have reviewed the discussion of these issues contained in SPP’s draft Ramp Product report, the most recent SOM report, and other materials from stakeholder discussions provided to us by GSEC. We also had initial discussions with staff at SPP and the MMU. As this effort unfolds, we look forward to continuing a dialog with SPP staff and the MMU, and expand discussions of this initiative to all interested SPP stakeholders.

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