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Our economists have broad experience in the economic analysis of the unique characteristics of the technology and internet industries. We provide economic analyses in mergers and acquisitions, asset valuation matters, intellectual property litigation, and regulatory proceedings on behalf of clients ranging from hardware manufacturers and software developers to internet content providers and content owners.


Below is a list of representative engagements for our Internet & Information Technology practice.

Numbering resource analysis
On behalf of Gemalto, a Brattle expert analyzed the availability and management of a sim card numbering resource required to enable sim cards in CDMA networks.
Patent damages case regarding cell phone attributes

Brattle principal and Nobel Prize Winner Daniel McFadden provided a rebuttal report on behalf of Apple regarding the misuse of survey methods to measure the value of iPhone’s FaceTime and iMessage features. Professor McFadden found that the survey used by plaintiff was flawed resulting in an upward bias and that the uncertainty surrounding the resulting damage estimates was not addressed or acknowledged.

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