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Wetlands & Endangered Species Act

Enforcement of the Endangered Species Act has resulted in numerous legal challenges as proposed residential, industrial, and energy projects are potentially restricted or blocked over concerns about habitat protection. Brattle economists have addressed the relationships between wildlife and land protection and economic activity, and participated in the resolution of related disputes. We have a deep understanding of the federal wetlands program under the Clean Water Act and comparable state programs, which allows us to advise our clients on the feasibility of development projects, valuation of wetland habitats, and related banking transactions.


Below is a list of representative engagements for our Wetlands & Endangered Species Act practice.

Clean Water Act regulation for private companies
A Brattle expert provided key environmental economic research and testimony related to cost and time required to obtain a discharge permit from the Army Corps of Engineers.
Endangered Species Act designation on real estate values
Brattle economists calculated the impact on real estate values of land use restrictions associated with several proposed Endangered Species Act designations using state-of-the-art real estate market models.
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