Brattle has experience with several models to inform clients on integrated resource planning (IRP) and related decisions, as well as asset retirement and investment strategies.

  • gridSIM: gridSIM is Brattle’s next-generation capacity expansion model. The model simulates hourly market operations, investment, and retirement over a 20 to 30-year time horizon, and was designed from the bottom-up to analyze how key drivers of the decarbonized grid of the future will affect future market outcomes. gridSIM is particularly well-suited to answering questions concerning high-levels of renewable integration, and the implications of clean energy and carbon policies of various designs.
  • Nodal Energy Market Simulation Models: Our production cost models account for unit commitment and dispatch, transmission constraints, and the variability of renewable generation in more detail than the long-term planning model. This enables us to evaluate production costs, pricing dynamics, and emissions with greater precision. Often, we populate our production cost model with the optimal expansion plan from the long-term planning model. Separately, we analyze alternative future scenarios with different load and generation profiles.
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