The Brattle Group offers an unparalleled combination of electricity market modeling capabilities, a rich understanding of the interrelationships among market factors, and practical and thoughtful application of models to address our clients’ critical questions and challenges.

We have been engaged in a large number of electricity market modeling assignments across every wholesale market in North America and Europe. We have worked with market participants, regulators, and system operators, often in the context of regulatory proceedings, policy analysis, and stakeholder engagements. We pride ourselves on communicating our insights so they are intuitive, useful, and credible to target audiences.

We provide specialized market simulation tools to address the wide range of wholesale electricity market matters and challenges faced by our clients.

We bring to our engagements several types of modeling tools that can be customized to meet our clients’ specific needs. In applying these tools we consistently demonstrate our ability to analyze the details that matter, model them accurately, and clearly communicate insights into markets, values, and risks.

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