Air quality and climate change regulations continue to be at the center of energy and environmental policy debates. We assist government and regulatory entities, companies, and associations in analyzing and executing strategies to meet both business objectives and environmental regulations.

Brattle economists have actively participated in the development and compliance of the Clean Air Act and related federal and state laws and regulations for more than thirty years. We have analyzed compliance plans for Acid Rain (Title IV), Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS), Regional Haze regulation, Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR), and Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR). We recently studied the impact of coal-fired power plant closures and the impact of environmental compliance costs on capacity planning and fuel demand in the Midwest. Many of our engagements have involved litigation arising from enforcement of the New Source Review provisions of the Clean Air Act.

Recent cases include:

  • United States of America, Plaintiff v. Ameren Missouri;
  • State of New Jersey and State of Connecticut, Plaintiffs v. RRI Energy Mid-Atlantic Power Holdings, LLC, RRI Energy Power Corporation, Inc., Sithe Energies, Inc., and Metropolitan Edison Company (States v. GenOn);
  • United States of America, Plaintiff and Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc. and Sierra Club, Intervenor-Plaintiffs, v. DTE Energy Company and Detroit Edison Company;
  • United States of America, Plaintiff v. Louisiana Generating LLC, Defendant; and
  • United States of America, Plaintiff v. Kentucky Utilities Company