In an era of increasingly complex, overlapping, and sometimes inconsistent environmental regulations and policies at the federal and state levels, Brattle assists utilities, merchant generation companies, and industry organizations through the risks, compliance planning, and opportunities created by these initiatives.

We provide analytical support and strategic guidance in engagements ranging from asset-specific valuations and retire/retrofit decisions, to company-level resource planning, to industry-wide evaluations of current and emerging environmental regulations. Our services cover two main areas:

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) policies and regulations (such as potential federal policy like the now stayed Clean Power Plan, the AB32 program in California, and the RGGI program in the Northeast) and their relationship to compliance costs, power and gas market costs, and other investment decisions; and
  • Litigation support and expert testimony on air quality and other pollution control compliance areas such as New Source Review (NSR) cases.

Our perspective and breadth of capabilities in environmental compliance enables us to offer value to our clients by assessing the combined impact of technological, market, and regulatory risks and opportunities. Our team’s expertise in environmental economics is complemented by the firm’s depth in power market modeling generally and by its broader knowledge in energy, finance, and regulatory consulting, allowing us to serve a full range of client needs.

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