Provided testimony before a JAMS arbitration tribunal in California regarding the value of a shareholder’s 50% interest in connection with shareholder oppression claims in the food products industry.

Authored an expert report regarding the value of a minority shareholder’s interest in a Canadian pipeline construction and maintenance business, as well as interests in real estate developments and a utilities contracting business.

Co-authored an expert report before the Tax Court of Canada regarding the determination of a reasonable interest rate and the resulting fair market value of certain structured financial products.

Authored an expert report in connection with the valuation of a complex structure of several real estate limited partnership interests subject to estate litigation and review by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Co-authored an expert report establishing the fair market value of certain transferred intellectual property of a newly-developed molecule beneficially owned by a major pharmaceutical company.

Authored numerous expert reports and fairness opinions for the boards of certain publicly traded companies regarding the sufficiency of bids to acquire some or all of the assets of the business.