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While we hire people with many different backgrounds, the common thread for everyone is a love of intellectually challenging work and a dedication to getting things right. Whether you are a current college student, a soon to be or recent MBA or Ph.D. graduate, an established consultant, or an experienced professional, we invite you to explore the various roles at Brattle.


Research Analyst

You've had success at the undergraduate level. You are ready for new challenges, ready to begin your journey. LEARN MORE

Summer Internships

You're a current student who wants to gain experience in economic consulting. You seek an intellectually-curious and collegial environment. LEARN MORE


You have an advanced degree, are intellectually curious, motivated, and analytical. You are ready to take the next step in owning your future and career. LEARN MORE


You are an established consultant with a strong reputation in the market and a loyal following of clients and staff. LEARN MORE

Professional Services

You're an experienced professional looking for a role that is challenging and rewarding. You're ready to add value and be valued. LEARN MORE