Dr. Lam is an expert in the development and implementation of decarbonization strategies and in the design and analysis of clean energy policy.

His work for large companies and governments with net-zero commitments and for regulated utilities, market operators, and regulators focuses on several areas, including:

  • Emissions reduction strategies and implementation program development for entities pursuing large-scale decarbonization
  • Granular accounting of Scope 2 emissions and clean energy procurement, including defining future-ready contractual arrangements and policies
  • The design and evaluation of smart rates, distributed energy resources, and load flexibility programs
  • Development and analysis of pathways for an orderly clean energy transition

Dr. Lam has led projects to develop greenhouse gas (GHG) abatement cost curves and abatement measure prioritization, analyze programs to effectively integrate clean energy resources, and evaluate the economic benefits of grid modernization and transportation electrification programs.


Carnegie Mellon University and Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics
PhD, Engineering and Public Policy

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BS, Mechanical Engineering