Dr. Song specializes in competition analyses centered on horizontal mergers, two-sided markets, common ownership, monopolization, and price bundling.

He consults on matters regarding media, credit cards, consumer packaged goods, semiconductors, and e-commerce as they relate to competition. Dr. Song’s work in antitrust policy and damages also leans toward the pharmaceutical, intellectual property, and high-tech industries. He has been involved with matters on behalf of international government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and other international conglomerates.

​Prior to joining Brattle, Dr. Song was a Principal at a Washington, DC-based economics consulting firm. In addition, he has held faculty positions at the University of Rochester and the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he taught microeconomics and econometrics, among other topics. Dr. Song’s research is published in peer-reviewed journals including The RAND Journal of Economics, the American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, and the International Economic Review.


Harvard University, PhD in Economics

Harvard University, MA in Economics

Seoul National University, BA in Economics