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Fernando Banez is a Research Associate at The Brattle Group with experience in the utilities sector, including litigation and consulting for utilities, operators, and regulators. He holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from Comillas University, where his research focused on the integration of renewable energy and the benefits of the expansion of the electric power network. His work has appeared in scientific journals including Applied Energy and Energy.

Large-scale Transmission Expansion Planning: From Zonal Results to a Nodal Expansion Plan
September 14, 2017
Fernando Bañez, Sara Lumbreras, Andrés Ramos, Luis Olmos, Patrick Panciatici, Camille Pache, and Jean Maeght
Published in IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Vol. 11, Issue 11
Optimal Transmission Network Expansion Planning in Real-sized Power Systems with High Renewable Penetration
August 2017
Fernando Bañez, Sara Lumbreras, and Andrés Ramos
Published in Electric Power Systems Research, Vol. 149, pp. 76-88
Beneficiaries of Transmission Expansion Projects of an Expansion Plan: An Aumann-Shapley Approach
June 2017
Fernando Bañez, Luis Olmos, Jesus M. Latorre, and Andrés Ramos
Published in Applied Energy, Vol. 195, pp. 382-401
Impact of Support Schemes and Market Rules on Renewable Electricity Generation and System Operation: The Spanish Case
April 24, 2017
Fernando Bañez, José Pablo Chaves-Avila, and Andrés Ramos
Published in IET Renewable Power Generation, Vol. 11, Issue 3
Estimating the Benefits of Transmission Expansion Projects: An Aumann-Shapley Approach
November 2016
Fernando Bañez, Luis Olmos, Andrés Ramos , and Jesus M. Latorre
Published in Energy, Vol. 118, pp. 1044-1054
Implications from Changing the Priority Dispatch for Intermittent Energy Sources to a Market Based Approach: Application to the Spanish Case
October 2015
Presented at the 14th International Workshop on Large-scale Integration of Wind Power into Power Systems & Transmission Networks for Offshore Wind Power Plants - Wind Integration Workshop 2015
Network Partition Based on Critical Branches for Large-scale Transmission Expansion Planning
June 29, 2015
Fernando Bañez, Sara Lumbreras, Andrés Ramos, Luis Olmos, Francisco Echavarren, Michel Rivier, Patrick Panciatici, Jean Maeght, and Camille Pache
Presented at the 2015 IEEE Eindhoven PowerTech Conference
Analysis of the Impact of Increasing Shares of Electric Vehicles on the Integration of RES Generation
May 10, 2014
Fernando Bañez, Andrés Ramos, Kristin Dietrich, Luis Olmos, and Jesus M. Latorre
Published in Use, Operation and Maintenance of Renewable Energy Systems, pp. 371-385
Smart Charging Profiles for Electric Vehicles
July 20, 2013
Fernando Bañez, Andrés Ramos, and Jesus M. Latorre
Published in Computational Management Science, Vol. 11, Issue 1-2, pp. 87-110
Modeling the Operation of Electric Vehicles in an Operation Planning Model
August 2011
Presented at the 17th Power Systems Computation Conference - PSCC'11
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