February 04, 2016
Financial Industry Expert Christopher Laursen Joins The Brattle Group

The Brattle Group announced today that financial industry expert Christopher Laursen has joined the firm’s Washington, DC office as a principal.

January 29, 2016
Michael Cragg Elected Chairman of The Brattle Group

Brattle Principal Michael Cragg has been elected Chairman of the firm’s Board of Directors. Dr. Cragg succeeds Principal Paul Carpenter, who will remain a Director.

January 27, 2016
Brattle Economists Provide Review of Southwest Power Pool’s Value of Transmission Study

Economists at The Brattle Group have authored a letter that provides a review of Southwest Power Pool’s (SPP) newly-released “Value of Transmission” study.

January 27, 2016
Four Brattle Principals Recognized as Leading Arbitration Witnesses by Who’s Who Legal Arbitration 2016: Expert Witnesses Analysis

The Brattle Group is pleased to announce that Principals Carlos Lapuerta, Alexis Maniatis, Stewart Myers, and José Antonio Garcia have been named among the world’s leading arbitration experts in Who’s Who Legal Arbitration 2016: Expert Witnesses Analysis.

January 21, 2016
Mark Berkman Authors Water Policy Article on Electricity Generation and Water Availability

Brattle Principal Mark Berkman recently authored an article for Water Policy on the potential for electricity generation to lead to water shortages in certain regions of the United States due to the high demand for water in the production of electricity.

January 20, 2016
Associate Michael Hagerty Examines CPP Implications for the Western Interconnect at EUCI Conference on Carbon Market Mechanisms

Brattle Associate Michael Hagerty presented on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan (CPP) and its implications for the western interconnect at a recent EUCI conference, “Optimizing Carbon Market Mechanisms in the Western Interconnect."

January 19, 2016
The Brattle Group Recognized as One of The World’s Top Firms For Competition Economics by Global Competition Review

The Brattle Group has been named one of the world’s top firms for competition economics by Global Competition Review (GCR). This is the ninth consecutive year that Brattle has been recognized in GCR’s annual “Economics 21,” an analysis of the world’s leading economic consulting firms.

January 15, 2016
Report by Brattle Economists Reveals Increasing Competition Between Renewable Power and LNG-Fueled Gas-Fired Generation in Global Energy Markets

A new report by economists at The Brattle Group finds that competition between renewable power and gas-fired generation using liquefied natural gas (LNG) from North America is increasing in overseas markets as a result of declining renewable power costs.

January 15, 2016
Shaun Ledgerwood and Gary Taylor Co-Author Article on Lasting Effects of Enron’s Power Market Schemes on the U.S. Anti-Manipulation Agenda

Brattle Principals Shaun Ledgerwood and Gary Taylor recently published an article on Risk.net discussing how failures of the first liberalized power market in the U.S. continue to shape the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) anti-manipulation agenda fifteen years after the California energy crisis.

January 12, 2016
Mark Berkman Co-Authors Book Chapter on Hydraulic Fracturing Bans in ACS Symposium Series

Brattle Principal Mark Berkman recently co-authored a chapter in the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) book, Hydraulic Fracturing: Environmental Issues, part of the Symposium Series. The chapter “The Legal and Economic Implications of Hydraulic Fracturing Bans,” was co-authored by Earl Hagström, a partner with Sedgwick LLP.

January 11, 2016
Role of Brattle Economists in the Privatization of Italian Railways Featured in Corriere della Sera

A recent article in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera features work by Brattle consultants in advising Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane (FS), the Italian State Railway, during their privatization process.

January 08, 2016
Brattle Economists Author Article on Risk Capital for the Journal of Financial Economics

Brattle Principals Stewart Myers and James Read, along with Ohio State Professor Isil Erel, published an article on risk capital in the December 2015 issue of the Journal of Financial Economics.

January 07, 2016
Brattle Principal Stewart Myers Receives American Finance Association's Morgan Stanley Award For Excellence in Finance

Brattle Principal Stewart Myers, a Professor of Financial Economics at the MIT Sloan School of Management, has been named the recipient of the Morgan Stanley – American Finance Association (AFA) Award for Excellence in Finance for 2016.

January 06, 2016
Policy Brief by Brattle Economists Examines Compliance and Implementation Options Under EPA’s Clean Power Plan

Economists at The Brattle Group issued a policy brief that examines the compliance and implementation challenges facing states and utilities under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed CO2 emissions standards for existing fossil units under the Clean Air Act (CAA) Section 111(d), known as the Clean Power Plan (CPP).

January 06, 2016
American Finance Association Announces 2015 Recipients of The Brattle Group Prize

The Brattle Group Prizes for best papers in Corporate Finance for 2015, judged to be exceptional by the associate editors of The Journal of Finance, were awarded at the 2016 American Finance Association's Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA on January 3-5, 2016.

December 23, 2015
Brattle Economists Author Law360 Article Examining Methodology Findings in Halliburton Class Decision

Brattle Principals Torben Voetmann and Paul Hinton and Senior Associate Matthew Aharonian recently co-authored an article published on Law360, “Battle of the Experts: The Focus on Event Studies in Class Certification.”

December 23, 2015
Report by Brattle Economists Finds ERCOT’s Future Ancillary Services Market Design Provides Economic Benefits and Improved System Reliability

A new report authored by Brattle economists evaluates the economic benefits of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas’ (ERCOT) proposed Future Ancillary Services (FAS) design.

December 22, 2015
Academic Advisor Stuart Brotman Named Distinguished Professor of Media Management and Law at the University of Tennessee

Brattle Academic Advisor Stuart Brotman has been named the inaugural Herb Howard Distinguished Professor of Media Management and Law by the College of Communication and Information (CCI) at the University of Tennessee.

December 22, 2015
Adoria Lim Comments on Non-GAAP Measures in ABA’s Practice Points Publication

Brattle Principal Adoria Lim contributed to Practice Points, a publication of the ABA’s Securities Litigation Committee, on the use of non-GAAP measures.

December 14, 2015
Peter Fox-Penner to Lead New Institute for Sustainable Energy at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business

Brattle principal Peter Fox-Penner, a leading expert in energy policy, sustainability, and business strategy, will join Boston University’s Questrom School of Business as a Professor of the Practice, effective January 1, 2016.

December 10, 2015
Brattle Economists Publish Paper on the Impact of Country Risk on Damages in Investment Arbitration in the ICSID Review: Foreign Investment Law Journal

Brattle economists recently addressed the impact of country risk on the quantum of damages in investment arbitration.

December 09, 2015
Michelle Cleary and Michael Cragg Co-Author Article on the Impact of Consumer Insistence on Market Power for Perspectives in Antitrust

As illustrated by the recent decision in the US Department of Justice’s case against American Express, insistence can be a critical issue in deciding an antitrust case.

December 09, 2015
Adoria Lim and Yvette Austin Smith Author Financier Worldwide Article on Accounting Terms in Purchase Agreements

Brattle principals Adoria Lim and Yvette Austin Smith recently authored the article “The unaccounted cost of accounting – sounding terms in purchase agreements,” published in the December 2015 issue of Financier Worldwide.

December 09, 2015
Brattle Economists Author Article on Proof of Intent in the SEC

Brattle principals Shaun Ledgerwood and Paul Hinton recently authored the article “D.C. Circuit Clarifies that SEC Need Not Show Market Impact in Manipulation Cases” for the American Bar Association’s Securities Litigation Committee.

December 07, 2015
Brattle Economists Co-Author Article on Determining Injury from Trade Secret Misappropriation before the ITC

Brattle economists Pallavi Seth and Kevin Neels have recently written an article that examines the types of evidence required to show injury to a domestic industry from trade secret misappropriation before the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC).

December 07, 2015
Report by Brattle Economists Finds Upstate New York’s Nuclear Power Plants Contribute Over $3 Billion to State’s GDP

A study by Brattle principals Mark Berkman and Dean Murphy finds that Upstate New York’s three nuclear energy power plants contribute approximately $3.16 billion to the state’s gross domestic product (GDP), account for nearly 25,000 full-time jobs (direct and indirect), and provide other significant economic and societal benefits.

December 03, 2015
Testimony by David Sunding Contributes to Significant Win for Anadarko in Deepwater Horizon Penalty Phase

David Sunding, a principal of The Brattle Group and professor at the University of California, Berkeley, provided expert testimony on behalf of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation in the recently concluded penalty phase stemming from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

December 03, 2015
Michael Cragg and David Hutchings Publish Tax Notes Article Providing an Economic Framework for Identifying the Tested Party

Brattle principal Michael Cragg and associate David Hutchings recently published an article in Tax Notes discussing an economic framework for determining the tested party under the standard comparable profit method (CPM) for transfer pricing. Their proposed framework is consistent with the guidance under both the OECD guidelines and U.S. tax law.

November 23, 2015
Peter Fox-Penner Authors Financial Times Letter to the Editor on Benefits of Utility-Scale Solar PV

Brattle principal Peter Fox-Penner has authored a letter to the editor published in the November 20, 2015 issue of the Financial Times that discusses the significant cost advantages of utility-scale solar PV technologies.

November 17, 2015
Brattle Academic Advisor Joshua Gans Publishes Article on Mergers and Innovation in Hogan Lovells’ Global Media and Communications Quarterly

Brattle academic advisor Joshua Gans recently published “Mergers and Disruptive Innovation” in the Autumn 2015 edition of Hogan Lovells’ Global Media and Communications Quarterly.

November 12, 2015
Brattle Economists Comment on Coscia Verdict and Different Approaches to Enforcement in High-Frequency Trading Markets

Brattle principals Paul Hinton and Shaun Ledgerwood have contributed to Practice Points, a publication of the ABA’s Securities Litigation Committee, on the topic of the recent Coscia verdict and enforcement trends in high-frequency trading markets.

November 10, 2015
Pavitra Kumar and Torben Voetmann Author Article on Event Studies in Securities Litigation

Brattle senior associate Pavitra Kumar and Brattle principal Torben Voetmann recently published an article, “Correct Application of Event Studies in Securities Litigation,” which illustrates the use of traditional and intraday event studies in securities litigation.

October 30, 2015
Pallavi Seth Appointed Vice-Chair of ABA’s International Trade Commission Committee

Senior associate Pallavi Seth has been appointed as Vice-Chair of the International Trade Commission (ITC) Committee in the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Section of Intellectual Property Law (ABA-IPL) for the upcoming 2015-2016 membership year.

October 21, 2015
Accounting and Finance Expert Adoria Lim Joins The Brattle Group

The Brattle Group announced today that accounting and finance expert Adoria Lim has joined the firm’s San Francisco office as a principal.

October 15, 2015
Rand Ghayad Co-Authors a Book Chapter in Transforming U.S. Workforce Development Policies for the 21st Century

Brattle associate Rand Ghayad recently contributed a chapter on long-term unemployment (LTU) as part of the newly released book, Transforming U.S. Workforce Development Policies for the 21st Century.

October 08, 2015
The Brattle Group Recognized as One of the Best Consulting Firms to Work For in Europe by The Vault

The Brattle Group has been recognized as one of the best consulting firms to work for in Europe in the 2016 Vault Consulting 25 Europe.

October 05, 2015
Brattle Associate Roger Lueken Co-authors Report on Grid Energy Storage in Energy Policy

A report by Brattle associate Roger Lueken on slow growth in energy storage was recently published in Energy Policy. The paper, “Is inexpensive natural gas hindering the grid energy storage industry?” was co-authored by Eric Hittinger of Rochester Institute of Technology.

October 01, 2015
Brattle to Sponsor Fordham University School of Law 42nd Annual Conference on International Antitrust Law and Policy

The Brattle Group is proud to sponsor Fordham University School of Law’s 42nd Annual Conference on International Antitrust Law and Policy, taking place October 1-2, 2015 in New York, NY.

September 25, 2015
Mark Berkman Serves as Damages Expert in the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations’ Case

Brattle principal Mark Berkman served as the damages expert for the Choctaw Nation and Chickasaw Nation case against the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI).

September 15, 2015
Brattle Authors Deal Points Article on Delaware Court’s Reaffirmation of S Corporations Valuation Premium

Brattle principals Yvette Austin Smith and Torben Voetmann and senior associate David McKnight recently co-authored an article in the American Bar Association’s Deal Points journal on a recent appraisal case in the Delaware Court of Chancery which reaffirmed that S corporations enjoy a valuation premium relative to C corporations.

September 08, 2015
Brattle Economists Co-Author Article on Decoupling for The Electricity Journal

Brattle principals Michael Vilbert and Joseph Wharton recently co-authored an article on decoupling in August/September 2015 issue of The Electricity Journal.

September 02, 2015
Brattle Report Cited in Utility Dive Article on Energy Storage in the Texas Market

A November 2014 Brattle report was recently featured in a Utility Dive article discussing the possibility of Texas market rules holding back utilities from deploying cost-effective energy storage.

August 31, 2015
Brattle Economists Sign Amicus Brief in Support of Defendants in Loestrin 24 FE Antitrust Case

Brattle Principals Lisa Cameron and Steven Herscovici recently assisted in preparing an amicus brief in support of defendants-appellants Warner Chilcott Company, LLC in In Re: Loestrin 24 FE Antitrust Litigation, an antitrust case that is currently before the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit.

August 25, 2015
The Brattle Group Recognized as One of the 10 Best Consulting Firms to Work For by the Vault

The Brattle Group has been recognized as one of the 10 best consulting firms to work for in the 2016 Vault Consulting 50. For the second consecutive year, Brattle ranked seventh overall, the highest among all economic consulting firms.

August 18, 2015
Report by Brattle Economists Assesses Potential Economic Impacts of Boston’s Proposed Bid to Host 2024 Summer Olympic Games

Economists at The Brattle Group have authored a report that provides an independent analysis of the potential economic impacts of Boston’s proposed bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.