Island power planning faces distinct problems not observed in larger markets. Brattle experts prepared a study for W.E.B. Aruba, the power generation and water provider on the island, on integrating 30 percent of wind energy and 10 percent of other renewables, including solar and biogas. The study included development of different ancillary service requirements, detailed operational simulations accounting for renewables and load forecast uncertainty and variability, generator maintenance and forced outages, economic cost, and benefit evaluations of renewables integration. Several technologies were analyzed to improve wind integration, including different types of storage and demand management solutions. Including the approved second wind plant, several solar plants, and other innovative technology options, Aruba is expected to attain nearly 50 percent energy from renewable resources by 2018. Brattle experts are now being asked to help prepare a roadmap for Aruba to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming 100 percent oil-fuel free (for energy and water production). Similar analyses have been prepared for several other islands.