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We have assisted clients worldwide to solve a broad range of transportation problems regarding market structure, competition, regulatory policy, market assessment, demand modeling and forecasting, service design and pricing, operations planning, cost analysis, investment planning and analysis, project evaluation, dispute resolution, intellectual property management, and business strategy. Our work has touched upon all transport modes and served operators, regulators, public agencies, and law firms involved in transportation-related disputes. Large transportation investment projects and ventures often require innovative project financing and risk-sharing. Brattle has helped project developers capture more value from their projects by identifying and allocating the risks to parties who can manage them most effectively. In addition, our finance experts apply cost of capital techniques on market pricing and valuation. We also help transport and infrastructure providers respond to changes in the economic or legal regime in which they operate, and evaluate the impact of alternative policy proposals.


Below is a list of representative engagements for our Transportation practice.

Financial model for toll road construction company
For toll road concessionaire and construction company ABERTIS, Brattle provided support for the acquisition of the Brescia Padova toll roads by developing a regulatory financial model and assessment of key risks and opportunities.
Cost-benefit analysis of proposed toll road extension
For a U.S.-based public sector toll road development and operation authority, Brattle conducted a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of a proposed toll road extension, accounting for construction and maintenance costs, value of time savings, lives saved, injuries avoided, and reductions in emissions.
Study of long-term mobility trends for auto manufacturers
For a consortium of U.S., European, and Japanese auto manufacturers and related firms, Brattle played a key role in a worldwide study of long-term trends in mobility. Its particular focus was on the sustainability of the current transportation system, and the extent to which exhaustion of fossil fuels, environmental constraints, infrastructure shortages, or institutional barriers were likely to constrain mobility over the next several decades.
Regulatory framework for Rome airport operator
For Rome Airport operator ADR, Brattle assisted in the negotiation of a new regulatory framework including return of investments, price paid at privatization, early termination clauses, and calculation of Terminal Value at end of concession.
Analysis of rail freight regulatory policy
For a Class 1 railroad, Brattle provided consultation and economic analysis regarding rail freight regulatory policy in the U.S. We evaluated the market, revenue, and pricing implications of a wide range of proposed policy changes. Brattle has also provided testimony regarding the cost of capital for Class 1 railroads.
Tariff design for Italian Railways
In the privatization of the Italian Railways, Brattle assisted in the design and calculation of tariffs of the rail network operator, on access to stations, and on cost accounting.
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