The Brattle Group’s experts are at the forefront of analyzing the opportunities and challenges related to increased electrification of the economy. We have a deep understanding of the market and regulatory fundamentals that will affect the pace and impact of electrification and drive future decision making across the electric sector.

Electrification of transportation and heating introduces the possibility of electric utilities playing a rapidly increasing and central role in the future energy system. With widespread electrification, electric utilities could replace the roles of fossil fuel companies in providing energy to the heating and transportation sectors. The results could be transformational for the industry, with sustained load growth and new investments necessary in charging equipment, grid infrastructure, and generation resources. These changes will require taking a fresh look at how resource decisions are made and how electric rates are set to take advantage of the new opportunities while properly accounting for the costs.

Utilities, investors, technology firms, project developers, system operators, and regulators rely on our team of experts to tackle their most challenging electrification issues. Our client engagements draw on our depth of knowledge, modeling tools, and understanding of markets and regulation.

Our electrification modeling platform is built specifically to evaluate the economics and operations of electrification and their impact on the electric sector. We use this tool to provide clients with insights about the impact of electrification on their business, including helping them better understand the drivers of electric vehicle (EV) adoption, the potential speed and scale of transport and building electrification, the implications of new load patterns on their load shapes, the development of EV charge rates, and the development of benefit-cost metrics that go beyond the traditionally-applied benefit-cost tests.