The Brattle Group’s experts have a deep understanding of the market and regulatory fundamentals that affect existing energy storage resources and will drive future energy storage developments.

Energy storage will be transformative to the power industry. Thus, the policies and market features that drive new opportunities for storage will be examined over the next few years. Utilities, investors, technology firms, project developers, system operators, and regulators rely on our team of experts to tackle their most challenging storage issues. Our client engagements draw on our depth of storage knowledge, our storage modeling tools, and our understanding of markets and regulation. We are currently evaluating distributed and utility-scale battery, thermal, compressed air, and hydro storage resources.

Our energy storage modeling platform, bSTORE, is built specifically to evaluate the economics and operations of energy storage facilities. We have utilized bSTORE on behalf of project developers, investors, and utilities for asset valuation, assessing customer benefits, and conducting market impact analyses. We use bSTORE to provide clients with insights about their projects while simulating real-world complexities, such as important regulatory requirements, technical capabilities, market structure, multiple wholesale and retail value streams, and day-ahead and real-time energy and ancillary services markets with imperfect foresight.

Areas of Expertise

  • Storage Asset Valuation

    The comprehensive value of energy storage will help with developing business cases for projects. Brattle has deep expertise in storage valuation techniques, built upon the bSTORE modeling platform. Our experience includes:

    • Valuing and sizing renewables+storage facilities
    • Analyzing storage across multiple value streams
    • Developing bid/offer strategies to maximize revenues across multiple product markets
    • Assessing storage in utilities’ integrated resource plans (IRPs)
    • Supporting due diligence efforts for investors
    • Addressing regulatory and market barriers that affect storage value
  • Market Intelligence

    Storage presents new opportunities for investors, developers, and utilities. We support clients in the development of business models and go-to-market strategies. Our strategic consulting support takes into consideration:

    • The state and federal policy landscape
    • Electricity market fundamentals and opportunities
    • Storage costs and technology trends
    • Current and emerging business models for storage resources
  • Policy, Regulatory, and Market Design

    We support system operators, regulators, utilities, and asset owners in the development of market rules, regulatory frameworks, and retail rates to address barriers and unlock the full economic value of storage resources. We advise on approaches that provide value to customers and resource owners, while maintaining competition and improve overall economic efficiency.  Our services include:

    • Wholesale market design
    • Retail rate design
    • Identifying and addressing market and regulatory barriers
    • Evaluating the appropriateness of utility ownership and operations of storage assets
    • Assessing retail regulatory and rate implications of distributed storage adoption
    • Designing distributed storage programs for utilities and retail customers
    • Evaluating the implication of storage deployments on wholesale markets and utilities

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