The biotechnology landscape is continuously evolving. Understanding the fundamental science in this area is crucial to measuring value and assessing market structure. Clients have retained Brattle in valuation, tax, and contract disputes across a variety of healthcare technology sectors.

Brattle has advised on matters related to at-issue patents and patent litigation in the biologics space and calculated damages stemming from contract disputes and other forms of malfeasance. Our experts conduct quantitative and qualitative analyses of the underlying regulatory environment, the degree of competition between similar therapeutics, expectations of future sales and profitability, historical pricing and sales trends, and customary interpretation of specific contractual terms.

Our clients include pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, health insurers, hospitals, regulators, and governments. For our clients, we perform rigorous empirical analyses based on our expertise with healthcare economics, data sets, regulation, and industry practices. We have been engaged in a range of tax, antitrust, patent, securities, and mergers and acquisitions disputes.