The headlines are full of stories regarding the newest cryptocurrency fad or day trading scandal. Digital and high-frequency trading require new methods of analyzing finance, asset pricing, and accounting matters. We work on cases involving financial institutions and payment processing systems to assess the causes of various types of trading failures.

Our experts are knowledgeable in high-frequency algorithmic trading, price jump analyses, price manipulation and artificiality, and electronic trading practices. We work in transfer pricing litigation matters involving high-tech companies to examine links between value creation, market structure, network effects, and entry barriers. We have also been involved in matters of alleged collusion led by pricing algorithms and evaluations of software products for tax purposes.

With our deep knowledge in blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and crypto-exchanges, we have worked on behalf of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the Department of Justice, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, and a variety of financial services institutions. Our experts focus on asset tracing, fraud, initial coin offerings, and market manipulation, in addition to trading and valuation capabilities.