Brattle has consulted in the telecommunications industry, the renewable energy sector, and other cutting-edge industries where network technologies play a central role. Our network analyses range from wireless phones and spectrum auctions, to clean coal equipment and fuel oil testing.

Brattle experts have specialized knowledge of networking technology industries. We apply our practical industry expertise to the economic and financial analyses we conduct in these sectors.

Our team has valued electromagnetic spectra, assessed patent infringements, examined questions relating to band licensing, and investigated telecommunications fraud matters. Our experts have strong knowledge of live auctions and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) laws and regulations, and are experienced in assessing industry damages.

Among our renewable energy sector networking experience, we have valued renewable energy projects involving technologies in a variety of regional transmission organization (RTO) and non-RTO electric power markets. We have even designed auctions to buy and sell energy and renewable energy credits.

We work on valuation, patent, antitrust, and transfer pricing matters involving network technology providers and computer and peripherals manufacturers. These include desktop and mobile computing, as well as the manufacturing of memory, diskdrivers, displays, semiconductors, and other critical technology.