Brattle experts are experienced in dealing with many applications of robotics and machine learning across a variety of industries, including autonomous vehicles and medical devices.

Our teams are well-versed in machine learning, nearest neighbor algorithms, and cluster analysis, as well as their application to economics, business, and law. We also understand the intricate ties that link these areas to competition law and consumer protection.

We apply machine learning techniques to analyze market data and produce high-frequency forecasts for competitor pricing. Additionally, we utilize these techniques to determine whether market outcomes are consistent with collusion and have advised on developing tools for corporate antitrust compliance programs based on algorithms. The team also develops machine learning-based screens for conspiracies, manipulations, and general fraud.

Our machine learning experience and big data analysis includes analyzing large data sets, such as trader-level communications, credit card transactions, and sports performance statistics. We have the tools to manage and interrogate big data, and the expertise in applying machine learning techniques to these data. Our experts have applied deep learning and natural language processing to large text-based datasets – such as Securities and Exchange Commission annual reports and US Patent and Trademark Office patent filings – to analyze firm strategy and diversification, and the emergence of new, general-purpose technologies.