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Dr. Metz is a securities and finance expert with deep experience in credit analysis, financial modeling, and asset pricing.

In the institutional and consumer credit space, he specializes in risk management, model design and estimation, and credit research. While serving as the Managing Director of Credit Policy Research and Methodology Development at Moody’s Investors Service, Dr. Metz vetted credit models in many market segments, including the public sector and banking. He also developed patented models of corporate default and rating transition.

Dr. Metz has consulted on asset pricing, antitrust, mergers and acquisitions, market manipulation, collusion, fixed income securities, and various debt derivatives. His experience spans numerous industries with a focus on transaction platforms, insurance, heathcare, telecom, real estate, and financial institutions. He has worked on behalf of the US Department of Justice, as well as private plaintiffs and defendants, and has testified on behalf of the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Numerous popular media publications – including The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and CNNMoney – have reported on Dr. Metz’s work and findings. He has also published in peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Pharmaceutical Finance, Economics and Policy, and the Journal of Banking and Finance, as well as trade publications like The Antitrust Source

Before joining Brattle, Dr. Metz was a Managing Director in a global economics consultancy’s financial, regulatory, data mining, and antitrust practices. While at Moody’s, he last served as Managing Director of the group responsible for developing credit models and methodologies for all asset classes across all lines of business, and he founded a group dedicated to leveraging machine learning and data mining techniques.

Pricing Algorithms and Collusion: Is There Clarity on What Corporations May be on the Hook For?
November 2020
Published in Competition Policy International (CPI) Antitrust Chronicle
News & Events
November 17, 2020
Brattle Experts Author Article on How Pricing Algorithms Affect Competition in CPI Antitrust Chronicle

Brattle Principal Rosa Abrantes-Metz and Senior Consultant Albert Metz have coauthored a Competition Policy International (CPI) Antitrust Chronicle article that explores whether pricing algorithms invite price coordination and possible collusion among industry competitors.

October 01, 2020
The Brattle Group Welcomes Four Competition and Finance Experts

The Brattle Group announces today that it has welcomed four lateral hires in three Brattle offices across North America.